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Original Insights for your Audience

Jeremy approaches his presentations with tailored content specifically for the audience in the room. His diverse experience and history of education are evident in each speaking engagement. Jeremy doesn’t have a “go-to” talk and prefers to create something unique for each event. Here are a few key topics that he builds presentations around:

  • SaaS SEO & Content Strategy 
  • Looker Studio
  • SEO/Marketing Project Management
  • Digital Marketing Career Growth
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What People Say About Jeremy

"Jeremy is an example of how passion and hard work can lead to success. He now regularly speaks to my class at Buffalo State and is always very well received. He not only shares his SEO expertise with the class in a very engaging manner, he's also an inspiration to the students about how they too can have a successful digital marketing career.
Fred Bristol
Adjunct Professor at SUNY Buffalo State College
"He is one of the few service-side people in my career I was comfortable bringing in on a major presentation. Above all, his leadership and mentorship abilities are unmatched. Jeremy was able to develop employees in his likeness. Individuals who were passionate about their work, their organization and working towards common goals. "
Thom Jennings
Executive Recruiter and former Sales Manager.
"What impressed me most about Jeremy was his ability to resonate with a variety of students from different backgrounds and persevere through the transition from in-person to virtual. His successful career in the digital marketing industry fueled the real-world content and enthusiasm which drove the course."
Ella Humphrey
Former Student at Monroe Corporate College

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