Growth Portfolio

SEO Lead | ClickUp
Aug 2020 - Present

Organic Traffic to 2M

Jeremy joined ClickUp in August 2020 as the first full-time SEO hire. Since then, total organic traffic to the ClickUp domain increased over 500%. (Source: Ahrefs Data)

"Software" Strategy

Grew a software listicle strategy with 250 articles driving a total of over 200k commercial intent visitors per month.

These pages are often a prospect's first-touch experience with the brand and a drove significant percentage of ClickUp's organic signups. Articles went to bat and often outranked brands such as G2, Capterra, and Forbes.

According to Ahrefs the projected organic traffic value to these pages is over $1M.

"Template" Strategy

Developed a template listicle strategy on the blog that attributes over 100k monthly organic visitors. The unique format found success outranking authoritative brands such as Hubspot, Miro, and Indeed.

In addition, template landing pages attribute over 30k monthly organic visitors. These pages target the long-tail and many successfully rank through AI content and programmatic page generation.

Microsoft & Google Strategy

Captured search intent for people using Microsoft and Google applications to accomplish work tasks. It gave ClickUp the opportunity to position the product as a modern way of accomplishing these jobs. This strategy attributes over 150k monthly organic visitors.

Acquisition Strategy

Helped takeover a separate domain acquired to be a referring traffic source to ClickUp. Replicated a successful software listicle strategy that pushes over 20k monthly referring visitors to ClickUp and improve surround sound search visibility.

"His dedication to the craft goes above and beyond. He was my one of my first stops when drafting a GTM launch plan for new features."
Madison Leonard
Product Marketing Manager @ClickUp
He's a compassionate leader who builds up his team and isn't afraid to challenge the status quo."
Erica Chappell
Director of Content Marketing @ClickUp

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"He holds himself to the highest level, and as a result, inspires greatness in his team. He encourages open conversation and creative, outside-of-the-box ideas, and stokes the fire in his team to pursue these ventures"
Mason Yu
Sr. SEO Strategist @ClickUp
He manages to stay on the bleeding edge what's new; rigorously testing and learning to adapt our content and SEO tactics to reach (and often surpass) marketing goals.
Greg Swan
Sr. Content Marketing Mgr. @ClickUp