Jeremy is available for consulting services on select projects. You’ll find his best work in content-focused SEO strategies and reporting for SaaS companies. 

Areas of Expertise


Jeremy's 🍞 & 🧈 Since 2014, he's worked on 200+ SEO projects in agency & in-house roles. Most recently, he's helped ClickUp reach over 1.5M monthly visitors.


Need help with an organic content marketing strategy? Look no further. Jeremy's experience goes beyond content built for search traffic ⭐️


Jeremy ♥️ building dashboards in Looker Studio. Uncomplicate your organic reports, bring your data together, and let your analytics tell a story.


When he's not optimizing for search, Jeremy's optimizing workflows. As a power user for over 4 years, he's a 🧙‍♂️ for structuring marketing teams in ClickUp.

Career Mentor

As a seasoned leader, former adjunct instructor and frequent guest speaker, Jeremy is always finding ways to help the next generation of digital marketers. 📚

Growth Portfolio

Learn about the strategies behind ClickUp's massive organic growth from 2021-2023


"Within a year of working with Jeremy, I was ready to take on a new role as the marketing and content manager. He has the skillset to instill his expertise in anyone he works with. If you have the opportunity, you’ll see that his approach fosters confidence, drive, and success in the industry."
Colin Volker
Senior Ad Strategist
"Three words to describe Jeremy would be reliable, knowledgeable, and passionate. His dedication to the craft goes above and beyond. On top of that, he brings to the table analytical capabilities, competence with data sources, and outside-the-box creative ideas to drive revenue and add value."
Madison Leonard
Product Marketing Manager
"From day one, Jeremy has been instrumental to my growth as a marketing and design professional. He constantly pushes for more knowledge within the field, and holds his team to the same standards."
Joseph Vu
Digital Marketing Manager